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Quick Pass Master Offers Custom Material for the UBC Real Estate Course & Exam in Vancouver

May 14, 2019 – Vancouver, British Columbia –  Passing the UBC real estate course in Vancouver can be extremely difficult. Quick Pass Master school, founded by Benson Wang, understands this and is here to help students with their preparation and fast-track them to exam success.

Quick Pass Master is proud to not only offer courses and exam preparation and material but also math and language proficiency tutoring for students.

Custom Material for the UBC Real Estate Exam

Quick Pass Master has developed their own multi-media curriculum, distilled from all the official UBC course materials. Their original content covers everything a student would learn in the class but presented in ways that make it much easier to digest. The team at Quick Pass Master gives students readings, videos, animations, slideshows, and more – all designed to simplify the material and prevent the UBC course from being such a bear.

This is all presented by actual real estate agents chosen for their real-world success.  Professors at Quick Pass Master are successful at their jobs, and they are there to pass on vital tips to all their students.

More than Real Estate

Quick Pass Master also offers help with the two other areas of the coursework which many struggle with: mathematics, and the language proficiency requirements. In the event a student has problems with either, they offer specialized tutoring to help them get on track.

The end result is that students can potentially pass their UBC final exam in a matter of weeks. Individuals can be out in the real world, making money, so much faster by following the Quick Pass Master method.

About Quick Pass Master

Everything about Quick Pass Master school is designed around a single purpose: giving individuals the information needed about the UBC real estate exam so they can reduce the time spent in class while still passing all the necessary tests and the final exam.

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