Interested in becoming a realtor in Vancouver, but worried you don’t have the time to study?  No problem!  You can sign up for online classes, and study whenever you want – such as in the evenings, or on the weekends. Even if you already have a day job, you can still easily find room in your schedule for online learning.

Of course, it does take a certain level of discipline to make online learning effective. Here are a few tips.

Five Ways to Make Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Vancouver a Bit Easier

  1. Make learning part of your schedule

If you only try to study “when you feel like it,” you probably aren’t going to get much studying done.  It’s a much better idea to deliberately block out an hour, or two, or three on specific days – and stick to that schedule.  Make it a regular part of your week and try not to skip unless it’s totally unavoidable.

  1. Prepare your learning space ahead of time

Keep your study area neat and tidy, and clean it up before the scheduled time so that it’s ready when it’s time to study.  Also, think about making a snack ahead of time, like a sandwich, so that it’s at hand if you get hungry.  That way you minimize time away from your desk.

  1. Prevent distractions

Remove things which will distract you from learning, such as a TV or tablet.  Shut down any programs or websites on your computer which aren’t directly part of your learning.  If you want music, keep it quiet and not something you’ll get distracted singing along with.

Make sure you turn off your cell phone.  You might even tell your friends and family about your study time, to discourage them from calling.

  1. Set reasonable goals

Don’t overload yourself, or stress yourself out trying to cram too much learning into one day.  That’s one of the best things about online learning on the weekend – you really can learn a lot in just a couple hours, while still having most of the weekend to yourself.  Push too hard, and you’ll burn yourself out.

  1. Have fun!

Find ways to reward yourself for going to extra effort.  Buy a nice coffee afterward or go out with friends.  Make the learning as enjoyable as possible!

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