Congratulations!  You’ve just passed the UBC Vancouver real estate exam, and you’re now a licensed real estate agent.

So, now what?

At Quick Pass Master, we want to see all our students succeed, both on the exam and beyond.  We’ll do what we can to help you in your new career, and these are some of the things we always suggest.

Your Next Steps After Passing the UBC Real Estate Exam

  1. Learn at your brokerage

Part of getting your license involves being sponsored by a brokerage.  Make as much use of this resource as you can!  Take the opportunity to get in plenty of practice alongside more experienced agents and do whatever you can to make friends and leads.  Having a good network is vital if you’re going to succeed in real estate.

Even if your plan is to eventually go solo, don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

  1. Build a website

A good website is an absolute must for a Real Estate Agent today.  You can’t rely on phone calls and walk-in traffic.  It would probably even be worth the money to hire someone to make you a nice site, since that will do a lot to impress visitors.

Alongside that, start learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search options.  SEO is what allows your website to show up in search engines and is a vital online marketing tool.

  1. Think about your future

Broadly speaking, you’ve got three options in how to proceed for the next few years.  You could work at a large brokerage, which will have more clients but will make it difficult for you to stand out.  You could work at a smaller brokerage, which is riskier but offers more opportunities for growth.  Or, you could go solo.  That’s riskiest but means you won’t have to share your revenue.

  1. Start looking towards the mortgage broker course

Becoming an agent is potentially only the first step in your new career!  After you’ve worked for two years as a real estate agent, you become eligible to apply for the UBC mortgage broker course.  Get your broker license, and you could establish your own brokerage – and start taking a percentage from all the agents you sign up.


If you’re taking the UBC Vancouver real estate exam, or trying for the mortgage broker course, Quick Pass Master can make it easier!  Contact us to book a free trial class.


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