Completing your official UBC real estate course, and getting your initial real estate license, is only the first step in your journey towards becoming a Real Estate Agent.  Immediately after getting your license, you’ll be expected to sign up with a brokerage for the hands-on portion of your training.

After that, however, you’ll be on your own. Whether you stay with the brokerage, or work independently, you will still be mostly responsible for finding work and making deals.  How do you go about building your new real estate business?  Here are some tips!

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your New Real Estate Career

  1. Establish an online presence

Without discounting the importance of face-to-face interaction, it’s safe to say that the majority of your self-promotion will be done online.  You must create a website for yourself as soon as possible, and also establish yourself as an agent on social media sites.

We’d also strongly suggest learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or paid search alternatives, which is necessary for helping people find your website on line.

  1. Start with friends and family

Make sure everyone in your circle of acquaintances knows you’ve attended a Vancouver real estate school.  With so many people moving around the province looking for work, chances are one or more of them will need help with a home sale or purchase, sooner or later.  They will often be your first clients!

  1. Network, network, network

Never pass up an opportunity to meet people in real life.  Attend conferences and trade shows and open houses.  Make as many contacts as you can.  You never know when they’ll pay off.

  1. Once you have a lead, be proactive

Don’t wait for the lead to call you.  No matter how nice your business card is, they probably won’t.  Once you have their contact information, be proactive about looking for properties they’d like, and sending them the details.  Prove to them that you WANT their business.

  1. Keep up with old clients

Finally, don’t let past clients forget you.  Send follow-up messages from time to time, or at least a Christmas card.  They’ll be one of your best sources of referrals in the future – as long as they remember you.

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