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Important Suggestions When Studying for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) Real Estate Exam at UBC

Every bit of studying you do is important when you’re trying to get a real estate license in British Columbia.  But studying is MOST important in the days leading up to your official (RECBC) hosted UBC real estate exam.  It’s a difficult test, and if you fail, you’ll have to wait at least 90 days (and potentially pay extra fees) to retake it.  That could be a major blow to your new career track!

Smart studying is going to go a long way towards helping you succeed on the exam.  Here are some of the tips we pass along to our students!

Four Tips for Effective Studying Before Your (RECBC) Hosted UBC Real Estate Exam

  1. Take at least one practice test ahead of time

The BC real estate exam is well-understood, and there are plenty of practice tests out there which you can take.  These will closely mimic the structure and content of the real test, so they’ll give you an excellent indication of where you currently stand. If you struggle with something on the practice test, give it extra focus when studying for the real test!

  1. Study with a partner

Studying is almost always better with a partner, or possibly a group of three.  If you know each other well, you’ll know each other’s strengths and weakness, so you can each help the other study more effectively.

However, keep the group size small.  Too many people and it starts becoming too easy to get distracted with socializing.

  1. Practice doing the math by hand

You’re allowed to use a basic calculator during the UBC exam, but not a graphing or programmable calculator. However, you will have a much better handle on the math portions if you practice doing everything by hand.  This helps ensure you truly understand the math being utilized, and you’ll be in a better position when taking the actual test.

Being over-prepared is always better than being under-prepared!

  1. Never cram

Effective studying begins at least a week or two before the test.  With a test as long and intricate as the UBC real estate exam, you can’t study everything you need to in a single day – and certainly not in a single night!  If you try to cram ahead of time, you’re just going to be tired and burned out when it comes time to take the test.  You’ll do worse, not better.

Get a good night’s sleep before the test.  Try to relax.  You’ll perform better that way.

Quick Pass Master Can Help You Pass Your Test!

Our targeted curriculum is designed to condense the (RECBC) real estate exam materials into easily digestible chunks that are focused on exam questions.  When you show up at UBC, know what you need to know! Contact us to learn more!


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