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Improve Your Chances of Passing the UBC Real Estate Course Exam with These Tips

It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you’ve put into the preparation.  If you want a real estate license in BC, that means passing the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) exam hosted by UBC real estate course exam locations.  There’s no other way.

The exam is difficult, but it’s far from impossible.  If you plan ahead, study, and keep your head during testing, you’ve got a very good chance of passing the first time.  Plus, we have some handy tips which should make it even easier!

Vital Tips to Help You Pass Your (RECBC) UBC Real Estate Course Exam

  1. Don’t try to cram

Forget your high school habits, if you still have them.  Cramming is never a good idea.  You are much more likely to do well on the test if you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep ahead of time and gave yourself a good breakfast so that you have plenty of energy to keep your pace up.

In particular, we’d recommend a breakfast that’s heavy on protein like sausage and eggs.  You don’t want too much bread or cereal, or else you could have a “carb crash” midway through the test.

  1. Read every question twice

There aren’t any “trick” questions, per se, on the test – but there are questions designed to trip you up if you aren’t reading carefully.  This is particularly true with the math section.  One question might ask you to round to the nearest dollar, and the next asks you to round to the nearest 10 dollars.  You have to read carefully for these details, especially since it’s guaranteed that one of the answers will be a trap for people who didn’t round correctly.

  1. Do the easiest sections first

There’s no requirement that you take the test in linear order.  You get the whole thing at once, and you are free to flip back and forth.  So, start by doing the sections which will be easiest for you.  This gets them out of the way, helps boost your confidence, and gives you more time to focus on the trickier sections.

  1. Don’t be afraid to guess (as a last resort)

There’s no penalty for guessing on the (RECBC) hosted UBC real estate course exam.  So, if you’re genuinely in doubt, go ahead and give it your best guess.  If you leave the question blank, you’re guaranteed to miss it – but you’ve got decent odds of getting the question right if you mark any answer.

  1. Don’t leave early

Your future career is riding on this test, so don’t rush things.  If you finish early, use the time to check your answers and -especially- double-check the math.

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