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Have Your BC Real Estate License? Become a REALTOR

[:en]After obtaining your BC real estate license, you might think that it’s time to settle down and enjoy the fruits of your success. However, there are many other steps and investments that you can make to further your career and provide you with the best opportunities possible. One of these steps is to become a […]

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BC Real Estate License Training: Is It All It Can Be?

[:en]Although the road to a BC real estate license and the education along the way can be difficult, some are questioning if it’s difficult enough. Despite the new regulations on practices such as “shadow flipping,” some believe that improving the training and education required to be a realtor is the only way to truly prevent […]

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Tips for Your BC Real Estate License Exam

[:en]The world of real estate in an exciting one, but before you jump into it passing your BC real estate license exam is the first thing you need to do and without the proper training it can be a tough job. Our experts at Benson Wang offer courses to ensure that you are as prepared […]

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BC Real Estate License: ‘Double Ending’ Ban and Penalties

[:en]If you have your BC real estate license, you’re going to need to focus on the relevant trends in the industry and one as of recently is “shadow-flipping,” a process that involves realtors using contract assignments to increase commissions by reselling the same house over and over in order to benefit themselves. The process hinges […]

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